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Mandalachart World

Mandalachart official app info site

A 9-square “idea create Mandalachart” developed
by Mr. Yasuo Matsumura of Clover Management
Research Institute.
This site provides information about official apps
developed based on this concept.



Mandalachart web app

Mandala chart web app works in cloud environment. You can use it regardless of the device from the browser such as PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet. Just register an account, no installation required on each device.


Mandalachart iOS app

This is an application for iOS such as iPhone and iPad.
We have achieved high operability unique to native apps.

Mandalachart android app

This is an application for android smartphones and tablets.
This also realizes high operability unique to native apps.


Premium Mandala

We have developed the know-how of experts in each field into a mandalachart so that it can be used in the app. Available from within the web app.
We are also preparing iOS and Android versions.


May. 2023
We have renewed our website.
We will mainly introduce the related information of the Mandalachart app.
Apr. 2023
We have started providing professional content "Premium Mandala" for Mandalachart App.
Sep. 2022
All official apps now allow you to specify colors, manage progress, and paste images on each square.

MandalachartⓇ is a registered trademark of the Mandalachart Association.