About Mandalachart

Mandala chart is a method developed by Yasuo Matsumura in 1979 to enrich life and business.
1. Mandala Thinking: the thinking method developed based on the wisdom of Buddha
2. Mandalachart: the 3x3 frame with a central core developed based on the Mandala map.

Mandala Chart World is a square for the creation and sharing of wisdom.
Creation of wisdom From the use of the Mandala Chart Web tool, sharing of drawn charts (optional), guidance of various seminars,
It is a world that enriches life and business by introducing people who are active as certified instructors.

iPad mock

MandalaChart iOS / Android

The only official iOS / Android app of MandalaChart.
On the mobile phone, the 9 Box Thinking MandalaChart allows you to simply organize your thoughts, remember things, and set goals and plans.

MandalaChart Web

MandalaChart Web is a tool as you be able to create MandalaChart on your web browser.
Until now, Mandala Chart has been a mobile app tool, but Mandala Chart Web is the first to realize Mandala Chart in a web app.
By centrally managing data on the cloud, you can use it in various environments.
You can also publish the created chart and share it on SNS etc.

マンダラチャートWeb クラウド


9 frame Thinking

Ideas come up more and more, which is useful for planning and development. Visualize the inside of your head with 9 frame Thinking!


Excellent Operability

Tools for organizing ideas and plans are required to have comfortable operability that does not interfere with ideas. Mandalachart Web realizes smoothly operability and can be used comfortably.


Easy to try

Everybody can try Mandalachart Web for free. You can start using it without installing the app.

Mandalachart Web sample files

Introducing the sample file created on the Mandalachart Web. It cannot be edited, but can be viewed on the Mandalachart Web.

Bussiness Plan

Let's embody the plan with mandala

Open this file
Life Plan

Thinking about life with a mandala.

Open this file
New Product Plan

The viewpoints required for development.

Open this file

Mandalachart Web Demo Video

MandalaChart Web Subscription Plan

Free Plan

You can try Mandalachart for free.

$ 0

  • Free
  • Basic Edit function
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  • Up to 3 files
  • Unlimited period 30 days
6 months

You can use Mandalachart for 6 months without limit.

$ 18 /6 months

  • Monthly conversion $3
  • Basic Edit function
  • Image Insert
  • Unlimited files
  • Account expiration 6 months
1 year

You can use Mandalachart for 1 year without limit.

$ 28 /1 year

  • Monthly conversion $2.33
  • Basic Edit function
  • Image Insert
  • Unlimited files
  • Account expiration 1 year

Mandalachart Certified Instructor

Mandala notebook & Seminar

New Infomation

The site of Mandalachart World has been renewed.

Premium Mandala has been released.

Functions for specifying colors, managing progress, and pasting images have been added to each square.

Introduced as a recommended app on Appliv.

Added the function to create the original label and attach it to each chart file.

Introducing certified instructors has been posted.

The template feature has been released.