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Mandalachart World

Mandalachart official app info site

A 9-square “idea create Mandalachart” developed
by Mr. Yasuo Matsumura of Clover Management
Research Institute.
This site provides information about official apps
developed based on this concept.

◆ What is Premium Mandala?
Practical templates and content by professionals in each field are provided as mandalachart files for a fee or free of charge.

Introducing Premium Mandala
 P8001 Key points of the presentation
 P0102 8 steps to problem solving
 P0111 Proposal activities for corporate sales
 P0101 Proposal-based corporate sales process chart
 P1001 Nanba - Mind, Body and Life 30 Windows to Wisdom (Coaching Included!)
 P1009 Nanba - Mind, Body and Life 30 Windows to Wisdom

* Please note:
This premium mandala is for the purchaser's own use only. Also, you cannot "export as mndl file". You can "copy" and "share" within the purchaser's account. Please note that once deleted, it cannot be recovered.

MandalachartⓇ is a registered trademark of the Mandalachart Association.